Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Google Blogger Beta

A very quiet discussion Google Blogger Beta | Google Groups:
Google Blogger Beta which was launched 14 August 2006 Blogger Buzz: Blogger in beta

or are we expected to comment on the Testing Blogger Beta beta blog?

blogger beta - Google Search
another point of entry blogger beta - Google Image Search

via blogger beta - Google Video search
en pasant
Banjo's World: Vlog No. 001 - Google Video WOW!!! that is astonishing

and back to blogger beta - Google Groups suggests the discussion is on the general blogger groups Google Groups: Blogger Help Group

I posted the following comment which awaits moderation:-

my blogger classic predates my google mail so it is tied to an aol.com email address and log on
http://www.blogger.com/my old profile/

I was invited to gmail as an existing blogger account ( I came in via the google tool bar BLOG THIS button after the beta google.com days when I switched from altavista searching http://www.altavista.com/
BTW I am not the professor Hugh Watkins, MD, PhD, Dept of Cardiovascular Medicine, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK OX28AF. E-mail hugh.watkins{at}cardiov.ox.ac.uk)

and my own adsense account uses another aol.com email for both classic and beta

I use my gmail acccount for blogger beta

In Firefox on the Mac the Blog This button links to my classic account even though I am blogging in blogger beta as well

using an Intel mac I have Parallels and so have classic blogger open in MS IE on Win XP
and the beta on Firefox on Mac OS 10.4.8

When I have populated the beta blogs a little more
I will update the side bars on all my blogs to completely cross links blogs and sites

so aa in any beta best to use a seperate account for testing

Experience gmailers will know how to open a second account anyway by invitiation to themselves at a fourth unconnected email address readable by POP mail (alongside imap at aol for example)

http://beta.blogger.com/my new profile/

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