Saturday, December 29, 2007

before and after Freud

Louisiana art museum on a rainy day - a photoset on Flickr


"Lucian Freud" - Google Image Search
I have followed his work for about 50 years since I first saw a painting of his in the Tate Gallery and I enmjoyed the smaller less known works.

DSC07048 Islamic miniatures

this is the exhibition I am going to see many times - from

The David Collection is closed for rebuilding and re-installation. In May 2009 the David Collection re-opens and
welcomes you to a renovated and rearranged museum.
The Webpage is under reconstruction too and will as well
be unveiled in May 2009.

"Tal R" - Google Search


"Tal R" - Google Image Search shows he is much more than a coffee table book artist

I wss really quite shocked to find on this second look at his work I really like his art, which I now think will last, and I will also be revisiting his exhibition

For copyright reasons I do not reproduce the works here so use the google image search links to get a broad view of the artists' oeuvre.

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