Saturday, November 18, 2006

David Frost 1 - Tony Blair 0

Blair admits Iraq a 'disaster', Qatar - 7 hours ago
... Responding to a suggestion from Sir David Frost that the conflict had been a disaster from the start, Blair replied "it has", before blaming a combination of ...
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Poor old Tony was really leading with his chin and being too honest when Sir David Frost looked shyly down, with false modesty, and away from Tony's eyes and baited that trap.

First I am against war, any war and all wars, because as a four year old I must have heard 70 or so bombing raids and 300 plus air raid alarms and grown up a war orphan with my widowed mother.

But after the experience of Harold Wilson's refusal to support USA in Vietnam, which caused USA in revenge stopped supporting the pound, which led to many financial and personal problems in UK , and caused me to abandon my teaching career and the break up of my second marriage . . .

Tony Blair saw that he had no choice and had to go along with Bush's silly ideas in order to secure the economic future of UK, industry, workers and capital.
Once we are in of course we had to make the bet of a bad job and support our soldiers . . .

It takes a country more than 20 years to recover from a major war
10 years planning, 10 years very hard work and then prosperity came to Japan and West Germany from the mid 1960ies.

The disaster has not been the war but the peace, Iraq needs one or two million men on the ground to maintain "homeland security" just as we had millions in Germany in 1945.

Tony Blair really was between the devil and the deep blue sea and he made the best choice out of what was available to him at that time.

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