Sunday, May 17, 2009

Urban Soule

Urban Soule - BLOG: "Trash Can Project

We had a local neighborhoods 'Spring Clean' on Saturday, I was chosen to paint all the trash cans, The local CDA (Community Development Association) had found a crew to help me from the Boys and Girls Club but they failed to show up.... So they hooked me up with a local group doing community service..... They were such a great group of people! (Thanks for all the help)!"april0509_468.jpg


ian said...

That must have been a mis-communication - volunteers from the Boys and Girls club helped clean up White Center Heights Park. However, the trash cans turned out really well!

Kim said...

They ended up getting switched at the last minute, they sent over the DOT Crew to help. It was a mis-communication but it all worked out! I meant that they didnt show up at the lot I was painting in, not that they werent there helping.