Wednesday, September 19, 2007


JohnPiper: "To start with John made his money by writing Art reviews and columns for magazines, this he did not enjoy but paintings were not selling at the time. By this time John Piper had been asked to join a group of artists that called themselves 'the Seven and Five' and to exhibit with them. Included in the group were Ben Nicholson, Henry Moore, Ivon Hitchens, Frances Hodgkins , Barbara Hepworth, and Winifred Nicholson. John Piper was now part of an elite English movement in modern painting. Around about this time World war II broke out and everything was rationed, so it must have been hard to get hold of luxury items such as canvas, oil paints, brushes, paper and also there would have been no spare money to be spent on buying art. The Government had set up a scheme for art and it was called 'The war artists scheme' In this scheme artists were paid to paint, probably by the hour or by the canvas on a 9-5 basis."

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