Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lucia Bucklin

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"Step into Lucia Bucklin’s landscapes and you are transported to another plane—one that combines Salvador Dali’s surrealism with the tranquility of heaven. As you wander within the image, you wait for transcendent music to sound. Still, you’re not quite sure what is lurking behind the white-leaved tree branches. It is this precisely this sensation that attracts clients to her ethereal infrared landscapes.

“Infrared film is a complicated medium to work with,” she explains. “You’re shooting with a red #25 filter and need to visualize your image. Sometimes photos I think will be amazing only turn out average when processed; sometimes shots I took to finish a roll turn out amazing.”

Bucklin says galleries consider infrared images made with film more of a fine art than those captured digitally. This leads to her number one concern—rumors that Kodak infrared film will be phased out— so she hordes rolls of the film, just in case. At $11.99 a roll, and $15 a roll for developing, the film is expensive, which explains why many photographers shoot infrared digitally or attempt the effect in Photoshop."

I loved to use polaroid photo copy transparency film with a limited grey scale - I better learn to emulate that in photoshop too.

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