Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche: "From dusk until the early pre-dawn hours on September 30, 2006, Toronto buzzed with excitement as Scotiabank Nuit Blanche was first unleashed on an unsuspecting city. Torontonians left behind the comfort of their beds en masse, as 425,000 people ventured out onto the city's streets for an all-night exploration and celebration of contemporary art.

As remarkable and distinctive as the art was, the magic came from the audience response and interaction. Most importantly, through this event a new audience was introduced to contemporary art by making it fun, engaging and accessible.

This event brought together a wide range of sectors and the exceptional talents of more than 400 artists and curators, 300 onsite logistical staff, 200 docents and volunteers, 87 galleries, museums and art institutions, and 13 corporate sponsors and media partners.

Within hours of the sun rising on October 1, hundreds of enthusiastic e-mails, letters and phone calls poured in from artists, participants, volunteers, councillors and event attendees. The inaugural edition of this event received widespread acclaim and accolades. Toronto's Mayor David Miller recognized the importance of bringing this event back as an annual celebration and included it in his political platform when running for a successful re-election in 2006."

Friday, October 16, 2009

Verlag Martin Wallimann

Verlag Martin Wallimann: "160 Seiten, Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-908713-86-9
sofort lieferbar

CHF 28.− / Euro 19.−

Katharina Kienholz (Hrsg.)
Melitta Breznik, Sabine Reber, Theres Roth-Hunkeler, Thomas Röthlisberger, Thomas Seiler, Peter Stamm und Verena Stössinger

Um die einen war es bereits in jungen Jahren geschehen, bei anderen half der Zufall nach. Doch wie kommt es, dass bekannte Autorinnen und Autoren den inneren Kompass auf Richtung Norden eingestellt haben?
'Manche der Stoffe und Motive, die ich 'im Norden' finde, kommen mir nah genug, um auch mich zu meinen, und sind doch so fremd, um hier, bei uns (in mir), nicht schon ganz zerdacht zu sein', vermerkt zum Beispiel Verena Stössinger zum intensiven Wechselspiel, das zwischen ihr als Autorin und der Landschaft mit seiner Bevölkerung stattfindet.
Nordlandliebe liefert acht Antworten, acht Liebeserklärungen an den Norden und zeichnet zugleich eine literarische Topographie, die nicht nur Sehnsuchtsreisende erfreuen und überraschen wird."

Buchvernissage Nordlandliebe
27. Oktober 2009, 19.00 Uhr ; Buchhandlung Haupt, Bern

martin-wallimann.ch - Google Search:
"Handwerkliche Druckerei & Verlag Martin Wallimann,
Brünigstrasse 28 6055 Alpnach Telefon: 041 670 26 36."

DSC_3517 and my contribution of the ferry in the harbour Torshavn Faero Islands

Nordlandliebe on Flickr - Photo Sharing!: "Finally out: 'Nordlandliebe', an anthology edited by Katharina Kienholz with texts about Scandinavia by Swiss writers. Designed (inside and out) by me.
[Flickr: ninastoessinger: "nina stoessinger"]
Fonts used: TMF Patria, ITC Franklin."

Collage Artistry

Collage Artistry: "Don't fret over stuff, just be yourself. Create what you want and don't worry so much about what people think. After all...everyone else isn't living your life, you are. Enjoy It!

I decided to play along the the girls at 'Point Blank Period' this month. The prompt was 'Get Over It'. So I decided I would do a mini book with the idea. I will be filling the little pockets in this journal with pages of writings of things that I just want to vent about or just get over. Each page has at least one pocket on it, so I can tuck them full of stuff."